Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MFI is Hiring: Interior Designer or Architect

Position: Interior Designer or Architect
Location: Houston, Texas

We are on the hunt for a talented, driven, highly detail-oriented individual who shares
a passion for design. 
As a member of the MFI design team, this person will assist in every step of the project lifecycle, from meeting directly with clients, to creating custom design boards and sourcing products and materials, and ultimately managing project installations.
What We Would Like to See:
- Minimum of 1 - 2 years of interior design or architectural design experience
- Proficiency in Photoshop and AutoCad
- Highly motivated and extremely detail-oriented individual
- A strong team player with a positive attitude
- Strong communication skills
Time Requirement:
Full Time or Part Time available
(30 - 40 hours per week)
How to Apply
Sound like a fit?
We would love to hear from you!

You can apply for this position by emailing your contact information, resume, and portfolio
 to Lily Nasar at
We would also love a sneak peek into your personal style!
If you have a Pinterest board you would like to share, please include a link with your submission.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Festive Settings - Designer Inspired Holiday Decor

A few weeks ago, the Houston Chronicle ran a special feature entitled "Festive Settings" that shares inspired ideas from top Houston interior designers that will have your home holiday-ready in no time at all.
So many of the ideas are pure gold and we just had to share them here
(along with holiday photos to inspire, of course).


"The most important pieces of furniture you need during the holidays are great tables. You might not be able to get a wonderful new dining table in time for turkey dinner but you can always upgrade your coffee table or add new side tables. Guests always need a place to set down a drink or a plate."
Lucas/Eilers Design Associates 
A light and bright setting.
Lighting has tremendous power to set the stage.
"You can easily have an electrician swap out your entry lantern or dining room chandelier to something festive and unexpected, and don't be afraid to play with scale. We love using oversized fixtures for a more dramatic effect, and if any season calls for drama, this is the one!"
Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors

There is so much going on in this space yet all we see is that fabulous light!
"I often will change an interior for the holiday season by slipcovering a sofa, a pair of chairs or dining room chairs. Using fabrics like velvet and brushed cotton give a formal or warm winter holiday feel."
Blake Woods of Blake Woods Design

Plush, warm velvet and pops of red; Aerin always knows best.
 "I encourage my clients to look at items or accessories they already have and use them in a different way. For example, you can layer a holly plate on top of existing china to set the holiday theme instead of investing in holiday-themed china. This saves money and eliminates the need to store a lot of china that will only be used once per year."
Blake Woods of Blake Woods Design

No holly sprigs or red china in sight, yet this table is perfectly suited for an epic holiday celebration!
Do something unexpected and fun!
Use your favorite china pattern and accent the table with fresh flowers and greenery that set a dramatic, holiday-inspired tone.
Holiday chic.
"I make sure that I have plenty of Thyme Frasier Fir fragrance in the house.
The scent is heavenly and it will always put you in the holiday spirit."
Lynne Jones of Lynne T. Jones Interior Design
More holiday-inspired beauty to make you jolly:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 Kitchen Must-Haves for Every Holiday Season

It's official.
We are three weeks away from Thanksgiving - three weeks, can you believe it?
Coincidentally, at MFI, our reason for the season is three-fold:
And not necessarily always in that order. 
Today, we are sharing our top 5 kitchen must-haves for the holiday season that you simply can't live without.
(Alright, you can surely live without them but you we can promise you aren't going to want to!)

1. Dramatic (& Varied) Lighting
Adequate lighting is key when you're busy with meal prep and entertaining.
Not to mention, switching out light fixtures and adding new ones to your current layout is an easy way to completely change the look and feel of your space without having to commit to a costly kitchen remodel.

PS - that island!
2. Dual Ovens and Warming Drawers
Of course you can get by with one oven, but having two makes a world of difference when Aunt Jo shows up with her famous casserole dish that requires baking and the turkey is still busy roasting.

PS - a warming drawer will help keep your sides warm while you wait on the bird and they're perfect for families who have a super hectic weekly schedule. Make the meal, throw it in the warmer and everyone can eat when they're ready.

3. Pot Filler Faucet
Fill 'er up and set 'er down with a pot filler faucet that's conveniently situated right above your burners.

4. Large Island
A super-sized island serves as the perfect spot for rigorous meal prep and nonstop entertaining.
Incorporate ample seating so that your guests can relax and mingle as you whip up those mashed potatoes.

(note another fancy kitchen addition seen here - the double fridge and freezer!)

A large island AND double ovens!

Marie Flanigan Interiors

5. Kitchen Wet Bar
We all know that when you're hosting a family gathering, everyone congregates in the kitchen and near the bar. 
Go ahead and make life easier on everyone and set up a bar in the kitchen.
Guests can easily mix drinks and you won't have to make a trip to the other room to refill the ice bucket.

You can use an existing nook/counter as seen here.

Lovely open shelving to show off all of your crystal.

Another fun idea for the holidays?
Consider changing up your oven vent hood and opt for one with a mantel.
You could hang a wreath, display your heirloom holiday serving ware or adorn the mantel with a fresh, simple pine garland.