Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday: Victoria Hagan

Long respected for her intelligent integration of architecture and interior design, Victoria Hagan's design philosophy features a refined use of materials, sophisticated color, and strong silhouettes.
We are constantly inspired by Victoria's work and we applaud her for being such a strong female force in the design community!


(bio and photos via official Victoria Hagan website)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interior Design: From Concept to Reality

We posted a design concept a few months ago and we thought you may enjoy seeing how it all came together in a real life space!

Design Concept:
Real Space:
How fun is that!?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Interiors: Fall Back to Black

It's October which means the color black can be found just about everywhere!
Although Halloween plays on the color's inherent darkness and ability to evoke a sense of moodiness, black doesn't always have to be an intimidating hue.
When used correctly, black can lend a seductive sense of sophistication to your space and who doesn't need more of that?
Another advantage of using this "shadowy shade" is that it has a great sense of depth which can highlight any detail in your space, making it a bold statement against an otherwise neutral interior.
Okay, friends!
Prepare to be inspired!

Some might be worried about mixing black in with lighter woods.
This is a great example of why you shouldn't be: 
Black floors - tres chic!

A vintage-inspired black oven makes a bold statement in this bright and light kitchen.

Here black draws attention to the unique ceiling.
It highlights the beautiful door in this study.
Black and white - always a winning combination!

Other design elements just pop when placed in front of black!
How gorgeous is that black armoire against the stark white wall?

A wide range of colors playing nicely with the black doors and grayish blue walls.

A black and gold combo shines in this eclectic sitting area.

Black cow hide rugs are a great way to integrate this sexy, dark hue into your space:


Using wallpaper with a hint of black allows you to have fun with this sexy hue
without having to commit to an entire wall.

Black built-ins pump up the glam in this wardrobe fit for any fashionista!

Keep in mind that black is a very versatile color.
Just as there are multiple shades of brown, green, or pink,
black offers tons of variety so have fun playing with it!
And don't forget to test all of your favorite shades on the walls in your actual space to check how your home's lighting affects the hue before you fully commit.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Interior Design: Scale and Proportion

We know, we know!
Who wants to talk about a scale?
But, you will be happy to know that this type of scale has nothing to do with the extra 1 or 2 lbs we are cheerfully gaining as we head into the year's cooler months.
As far as interior design is concerned, scale and proportion have everything to do with whether or not a space appeals to the average eye.

via Marie Flanigan Interiors
 You know the feeling.
You walk into a space and immediately think:
Everything about this feels right.
I love every inch of this room and it all seems to live in perfect harmony.
Can I please live here?
That's what we're all searching for when set out to design our spaces, and scale and proportion can help get us there!
Let's get technical for a second:
Scale refers to the relationship between two objects, one with a commonly known size (known size: your room itself or your own human body).
Proportion refers to the general size of two objects without knowing their literal size (this is moreso about the shape and size of various items and how well they all complement one another).
In the design world, these words are often used interchangeably, but now you know the difference in case you ever want to wow your party guests ;)
There are basic rules you can follow when it comes to scale and proportion, but all great designers know that there is some wiggle room and we often play with those guidelines in an effort to create unique and playful interiors.
via Houzz
via Marie Flanigan Interiors
The enormous mirror adds a playful touch to this open concept space.
via MandyStraight

A unique and oversized light fixture grabs the attention in this space.
via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
Playing with scale is fun - use a larger piece of art to fill a wall
to create interest and a beautiful focal point.
via Pinterest
Harmony :)
via Marie Flanigan Interiors
A lot of pieces, but all complement each other and this space perfectly.
via Marie Flanigan Interiors

Here is a great example of playing with scale and proportion as they relate to fabric patterns.
via A Perfect Gray
Another example of art filling a wall - gorgeous!
via Kelly Hoppen
This spacious, open concept living space still manages to feel cozy
because all of the design elements play so well together.
via Decoholic
Scale and proportion are often used in commercial spaces to help attract attention to important areas -
these oversized lighting fixtures most definitely attract the eye!
via Hatch Design
More fun with scale: this oversized headboard is a show stopper!
via Pinterest
The art here could be considered oversized for this space,
but it looks stunning in conjunction with the other design details.
via Pinterest
Large windows offer a unique opportunity to play with scale.
via The Pursuit Aesthetic
Don't forget that from your furniture and drapes to your smaller accessories and lighting,
every aspect of your space contributes to your overall sense of unity.
via Peter Pennoyer Architects

For some lucky individuals, achieving unity through scale and proportion comes naturally, but don't let the straightforward definitions fool you. It is not always a simple task and working with a design professional is often the best way to go especially if your home has some tricky architectural details.