Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BEFORE & AFTER: Briargrove Powder Bath

Who doesn't love a good "Before & After"?
They inspire us and encourage us to think outside of that comfy little box we live in.
They demonstrate how one space can be completely transformed with the use of color and material, making everyone see it differently.
Frankly, that's uplifting and we can all use a dose of uplifting.

Today's B&A comes to you from Briargrove, Texas where our team catapulted a residential powder bath from the cooler side of the color palette to a world full of warmth!

The space had great bones - just look at that gorgeous vanity! - and we wanted to take it from a room our clients simply like to a room they LOVE.
They gave us free reign to play and we had a blast infusing rich texture and interesting details, creating a powder bath that serves as an elegant jewel box for their home!
Isn't it incredible how different the vanity looks here?
It's the same exact piece but it has a whole new presence in this warmer space.
What's your preference - a warmer or cooler space?
We hope this leaves you feeling inspired and that you carry that feeling with you for the rest of the day :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

American Icon: Bunny Mellon's Legacy Reminds Us All to Stay True to Ourselves

Rachel Lambert Mellon, known to the world over as "Bunny Mellon", was an absolute inspiration.
An avid art collector and self-taught horticulturist,
Mrs. Mellon valued simplicity, order, and originality, making her a highly respected design idol.
via The New York Times
Although Bunny was not an interior designer by trade, the heiress had an exceptional eye and was intimately involved with the design and d├ęcor found throughout her multiple estates.
Sadly, Bunny passed away in March but her legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of creative types everywhere, and in light of her Oak Spring Farms estate going up for auction in November (proceeds will benefit the Gerard B. Lambert foundation), we felt compelled to highlight this remarkable woman's talents in the world of design:
via The New York Times

"She was involved in the business of nature and beauty; of design and implementation..."
via The New York Times

"She didn’t pay attention to what was in fashion; she didn’t think about future financial returns. Instead, she had understated and original taste, buying what she loved, free from the dictates of decorators and investment consultants."
via The New York Times

Home in Antigua via Architectural Digest

via Architectural Digest
Source Unknown

"Relatively small, intimate houses were Mellon’s preference, livably elegant and skirting clear of pretension"

via Architectural Digest

via AD

via AD
 "Make it look like we just brought it down from the attic," Mellon told Bruce Budd, one of the decorators she worked with (the roster also included English master John Fowler and American tastemaker Billy Baldwin).
via The New York Times
via Architectural Digest

Bunny's unique sense of style is a reminder to us all that design is less about following trends and more about constructing a space that speaks to your heart; a space that has been built over time and that is filled with furniture, art, and color that you adore.
Of course, if "staying true to you" becomes a difficult task, there are talented interior designers in just about every city who are prepared to help you pull everything together ;)

More about the Mellon Collection Auction

Sotheby's is serving as host to the 9-day estate sale extravaganza featuring 10 floors of Mrs. Mellon's Oak Spring Farms furnishings, porcelains, paintings, and contemporary art pieces.
Read more about the estate sale here:

And, in case you're in the market, the 2,000-acre Oak Spring Farm itself is up for sale and is priced at a mere $70 million...

(If that didn't read as a joke to you, then please make sure to let us know when you close and we would be happy to pop by for a visit!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interior Design: Finding Balance

We all talk about it.
We all make plans for how we're going to achieve it.
Our minds crave it and our hearts are comforted by it.


It's one of the major principles all designers study and it can make the difference between a space that leaves a lasting memory and one that is quite easy to forget.
Margaret Russell, editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest, said it beautifully when she said:

"Sometimes a room requires a bold statement. But more often it is a well-balanced space—an interior that doesn’t feel too controlled, too constricting—that is the most alluring and that best expresses a strong point of view...why be diffident and indecisive when it comes to the rooms intended to complement your life? Confidence and beauty walk hand in hand, and interiors that possess those attributes always make us want to linger, whether in person or on the printed page."
Of course, balance can be achieved through perfect symmetry with the use of matching or coordinating objects on each side of a space. What most people find more challenging is achieving asymmetrical balance which depends on the "visual weight" of objects in a room versus their literal size.
Regardless of how you do it, striking a harmonious balance can be a daunting task and its an area where the keen eye of a professional designer can make a huge impact on your overall happiness at home.
Here are some gorgeous examples of well-balanced interiors that we find confident, beautiful, and well worth the linger:
via Elle Decor
Source Unknown
via McAlpine Booth & Ferrier
via Natalie Roe Interior Design
via Architectural Digest
via Marie Flanigan Interiors
via Lucas Studio

via Marie Flanigan Interiors
via McAlpine Booth & Ferrier
via Lauren Liess/Pure Style Home
via Elle Decor
via Lauren Liess/Pure Style Home
via Architectural Digest

via Melanie Davis Interior Design
Source Unknown
via Beth Webb Interiors
via Tom Scheerer

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1960's Style

It's a well-known fact that the far out styles of the 1960s always find a way of sneaking back into the modern day limelight.

From the most notorious runways to some of the world's most interesting homes, this playful and almost irreverent sense of style brings us all back to the basics:
start with an open floor plan, never shy away from frisky displays of color, and incorporate furniture that is anything but boring.
Now, this style may not be everyone's cup of tea, but we challenge you to keep your mind open!
Sometimes, simply adding one or two '60s-inspired elements is enough to take your home from blah to "boss" in no time.

Go ahead and get inspired by these gorgeous spaces that incorporate a little (or a lot) of this timeless midcentury vibe: