Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wabi Crush Wednesday: Axel Vervoordt, the "Grand Seigneur"

Wabi is defined as a quality of austere and serene beauty expressing a mood of spiritual solitude recognized in Zen Buddhist philosophy and you can easily see why we're crushing on it.
Renowned interior design, Axel Vervoordt, is well known for his ability to draw inspiration from places and cultures that span the globe. His Wabi spaces are inspiring us this week and we thought you would enjoy a peek into a few of those exquisite designs.
Read more about Axel Vervoordt here.
His work goes to show that in a world as busy and full as this one, less can often end up being so much more:
"I believe in the historical, not the merely decorative. I like depth, not superficiality - everything needs a deep human reason, and for me it is important to create something interesting, not just decorative."
“Don’t just buy what’s fashionable.  That kind of collection is much less interesting.  And it’s dangerous.  Nothing is so quickly out of fashion as fashion.”
"We didn’t live in a grand house, just  a small one, but [my mother] made it look beautiful.  She lit candles every night.  I love rooms with atmosphere.”

"I find the spirit of things much more important than the look of things - I really don't mind if things are ugly. They have their own beauty, if only one looks hard enough."
"Choosing art and objects is an art in itself.  It’s about recognizing what is important in society, and where our civilization is going."
"My task, as I have seen it from a very young age, has been to rediscover beautiful works of art, to save them for the future, to reveal them for what they are, to show them at their best, to give them a better place in the world - and, perhaps, by doing this, to create inner harmony and find new ways of expressing their inner life."
"A room should reflect your personality.  It should look like it has always existed, even if its style is contemporary.  I always like a room where there is a fire burning.” 

"For 30 years I have been interested in developing an art of living which can transform the ordinary object into an objet d' art and the everyday gesture into perfection - the fullness of emptiness."

"I mix art and objects from different periods.  We’re all products of the past, but we must also take inspiration from the present.  And we have a responsibility to build a new society for tomorrow."

Monday, February 16, 2015

NYFW: The Current State of Fashion pt. 1 & IIDA Product Runway

MFI is proudly participating in the 2015 Product Runway event hosted by IIDA.
Product Runway is a fun and unique opportunity for our firm to exhibit our talent and creativity by creating a hand-made runway garment using interior design materials from leading industry vendors.

We are so excited to be involved and how lucky are we that New York Fashion Week is taking place as we type this? Inspiration for days!
The worlds of interior design and fashion design are intimately connected.
A trend you see on a model strutting the catwalk today could very easily be on your throw pillows by the end of the year, and with the insane beauty coming down the runway this week, there's no doubt that you will be thrilled about that prospect.
So, what do we love about the shows so far?
Most designers are offering up soft, clean, and sexy garments with everything from belts and pleats to stripes and delicate, breezy layers.
It's all very romantic, minimalistic and perfectly balanced.
Time to get inspired - here are a few of our faves from the first half of NYFW:
{All images via Harper's Bazaar
Oscar de la Renta

Michael Kors

Michael Kors


Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Wes Gordon

Derek Lam

Carolina Herrera


Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang



Tory Burch

Vera Wang

Ralph Lauren
Cheers to the many creative masterminds that make these shows a beautiful reality.
Any particular trend you think we should incorporate in our garment?
We would love to hear from you!

A Wooly Welcome to 2015: Calm Interiors That Inspire

It's officially mid-February and we're all wondering how 2015 got here so fast.
It's the year of the sheep and we have to say that so far it hasn't been that baaaaad ;)

No, but really, sheep are characterized as gentle and calm, tender and warm; we would consider all of these characteristics total perfection in the design world and after doing some research, we discovered that a few very creative celebrities were born in the Year of the Sheep - Michelangelo, Thomas Edison, and Barbara Walters to name a few.
Needless to say, we are looking forward to everything 2015 has in store!

Here are a few soft, calm spaces that evoke the spirit of 2015's animal of the year.
We hope ewe enjoy ;)


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy February: 5 Tips for Getting It Right with Red

"He was seeing red"
"Everyone is on red alert"
"She turned beet red"
Red is an energizing color full of passion and intensity, making it a very interesting and unique color to use in any design. At MFI, you will find that we usually opt for deep, rust-toned reds versus the more scarlet shades, but no matter how you do red, we have some tips to make sure you do it well.
1. Set Your Tone
What do you want from your space -
something bright and fiery that gets guests excited or something earthy and warm that leaves everyone feeling cozy?
Red can do both but you have to experiment with shades to be sure you're getting exactly what you want.

(Pro Tip: Test, test, test! All paints look different from home to home and room to room. Lighting affects how the shade looks on your wall and so does the paint's finish - play with various finishes to see what looks best in your space.)
2. Have Fun with Red in Social Spaces
Red's stimulating effect can be put to good use in the more social areas of your home - the living room, a sitting room or even a home office where you spend your time tackling that growing to-do list.

3. Go Light-Handed in the Bedroom
Unless you're going for high impact (think lacquered red powder room), it's a good idea to use red in smaller doses in the lower-energy spaces of your home where you usually find yourself trying to relax - this would include your bedrooms and most bathrooms.

4. Use Red to Freshen Up Design Elements
A little bit of red goes a long way - paint the back panels of your china cabinet, the risers on your stairs, or the legs of an antique chair in a fun shade of red to immediately freshen up your space!

5. Red When and Where You Want It
If you find that it's difficult for you to commit to any certain color, use objects like art, rugs, flowers or small accessories to bring red into your space. It's the perfect way for you to "see red" for exactly as long as you want to without having to wait on the painters to come in with a serious dose of primer once your red phase has run its course.

Overdyed rug from Madison Lily

Meredith Pardue from Laura Rathe Fine Art

via Scalamandre