Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's Take This Outside: Outdoor Spaces that Wow

(Kidding...sort of...)

We live in the South which means that much of our year is spent outdoors.
Yes, wine is usually included, but that's not all we do on our beloved porches and patios.
We read, visit with friends, celebrate milestones, and contemplate how to solve the world's greatest issues.

That's quite a lot to accomplish and in order to make it all happen, you need an outdoor space designed to impress.

Check out this design concept we've been working on for one of our Houston-area clients:

Rich with comfort and texture and interesting details, this space will be perfect for entertaining!
Obviously, different needs exist for different regions (how big are your mosquitoes because in Houston we've likely got you beat), but a few solid points remain the same:
1.The space doesn't have to be huge to be impressive.
2. You don't have to have a green thumb to make it beautiful - sure, trees and vines count as landscape!
3.  Outdoor fabrics have become insanely handsome so your indoor style can finally marry your outdoor style. Have fun being creative!
Here are a few outdoor spaces that make us want to immediately shut down our computers and head outside on this spring-tastic Houston day:





Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Collected Home: 5 Tips for Displaying Your Collections

Nearly every time we sit down with a client to discuss design concepts, we are told that there is some special collection of items (art, bowls, furniture pieces, books, poems - the list goes on) that absolutely must be incorporated.

For our clients, these items speak to them, they pull at their hearts and
they have the ability to make any house feel like home.
For our team, these collections lend perspective and a glimpse into our client's unique story.

They offer direction and an originality that no one can contest, but determining whether a space can be labeled "elegantly collected over time" versus the more unfortunate label of "hoarded", comes down to stylish editing.  
Many of the rooms published in Elle D├ęcor
feature collections that are impeccably displayed!

Although every home is different and we tend to avoid dictating design "rules", we have a few pointers that may be helpful for you if it's time to do something new with those beloved knick knacks:
1. Frame Them Up
 If you can have your items framed, consider doing so.
This allows you to take items that may have odd shapes and create a more standard shape that can be hung on the wall in an eye-pleasing grouping.
A collection of intaglio medallions is beautifully framed
and displayed in this home's entry.
Marie Flanigan Interiors

This can even be done with thicker items if a box frame is used.
2. Don't Rule Out Any Wall Space

Have a larger collection of items?
Don't overwhelm your shelving!
Hang the items on the wall and don't be afraid to use spaces you normally wouldn't consider.

In a sense, this strategy allows your beloved objects to become a one-of-a-kind wallpaper!


3. Install Custom Shelving
(or appropriately utilize the shelving you have!)
Similar to above, your collection can take center stage when it is featured along the wall,
becoming a focal point of the room.
Mirrored or open shelving can help create the illusion of added space
so that your items don't look quite so cluttered.

These shelves were created to hold the special finds
the owner's children pick up on the beach.
A collection of wooden fish is displayed on a
custom shelving unit near this room's entrance.
Blank walls can be transformed into shelving units that
make a statement with well-layered accessories.
Gorgeous dishes and glassware serve as a
perfect backdrop for this rustic kitchen.

4. Edit Your Collection
Of course, you are madly in love with each and every piece, but the reality is that there are likely a few pieces in your collection that hold more meaning.
Allow those to take the spotlight and don't stress - you can always rotate the other pieces through.

5. Display Where You Bathe

We know, these collections mean everything to you and you want them to be the first thing people see!
But keep in mind that, when you display your prized collection in the bath, your guests can relax in the tub or prepare for their big night out surrounded by the beauty you've so aptly pulled together.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Falling for Fuschia: How to Use Spring's "It" Hue

We're seeing it everywhere -
Fuschia is rich, playful and full of charm!
Sources: Ralph Lauren Spring 2015, Yves Saint Laurent Clutch, Butter Nail Color in Primrose Hill Picnic,
Hunt Slonem linen fabric from Lee Jofa.

This vibrant hue is popping up in fabrics, wallcoverings and, of course, all over the runway.
Our personal favorite is a subdued, more organic shade of this powerful color.
Enjoy today's inspired spaces that show you how to "do the hue":