Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Few of our Favorite Things: An MFI Gift Guide

Have you been listening to Christmas carols since October?
Did your gorgeous, perfectly themed tree go up before Thanksgiving?
Are all of your gifts neatly wrapped in the finest Paper Source wrapping papers underneath the tree?
Okay, Super Man/Wonder Woman, this post probably isn't for you!
But you may want to keep reading...
Our team has compiled a list of our very favorite things and the best part is that you can find all of these lovely items in a local Houston boutique or online with expedited shipping:

1. Antlers on Shield from Lam Bespoke 2. Herm├Ęs Avalon Throw in Ecru/Dark Gray
3.AERIN Beauty 'Rose Balm' Lipstick in Poppy 4. Ryan Studio Plaid Pillow
5. Thompson Ferrier Luxury Candle
Literally, those are just a few.

Let's scratch a few more names off that gift list:
AREA on Westheimer has some amazing and unique finds.
If you haven't stopped in, do so today and walk away with a gift nobody else will be able to find!
Hand laid cracked clam stone box

Vintage Leather Travel Box

AREA also has a beautiful selection of design books like this one from Nancy Braithwaite
 Often something friends may not purchase for themselves, luxury linens can make a fantastic gift!
Drop by Plush Home and peruse or custom order the absolute best linens in town! 
We also love this beautiful Grand Casablanca diffuser if you  need a quick gift on the go:
Available in Tahitian Gardenia and Himalayan Camelia
Another MFI fave?
We're sure you've seen them pop up in a few of our photos -
Christopher Spitzmiller lamps!
You can pick one up at Mecox but be careful in there -
Need a luxe gift on a budget?
It brings the party to the party, making the Olivia Bar Cart from Ballard Designs the perfect gift for that super social friend you have that's always hosting your circle's gathering.

Simple and elegant with beautiful architectural details - this piece would fit in any home!
 We adore the Jeffrey Mirror from Lam Bespoke:
A mirror makes a very special gift!
When selecting, choose one that is neutral enough to suit anyone's taste.

Last but not least!
Have all the time in the world?
Give the gift that ensures more time spent together -
A custom metal fire pit from Peck & Company will wow just about anyone on your list!
Their team is friendly, detail-oriented, creative and a joy to work with.

We hope you've enjoyed this quick peek into a few of our favorite things and a few of our most beloved shops in Houston.
2014 has been a beautiful year, both professionally and personally, for our entire team.
We have joyfully celebrated many firsts and we have bonded together closely over a few hardships.
Throughout it all, your love and support have meant the world to us and we wish you the very best this holiday season!

With Love,
Marie, Rachel, Megan, Kelsey & Lily

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Get Inspired: A Simply Elegant Thanksgiving

It's hard to believe that November is coming to a close, but before we pull out those Christmas lights, we must pay homage to one of the most lovely holidays of the year:

This is a time to reflect with gratitude on the many joys we have experienced throughout the year.
From our most noticeable accomplishments (you completed that massive project at work AND it received the recognition that it deserved) to our most personal victories in love and life (you've picked up a consistent workout routine, enjoyed successful parent-teacher conferences and the boys in the house are finally putting the toilet seat down), Thanksgiving reminds us all to take that much-needed step back to breathe in the joy.

Of course, this is also a prime time to impress one another with our awesome decorating skills because isn't it a well-known fact that a Thanksgiving feast doesn't taste quite the same without a table scape that sets the perfect tone?
One might think so, but as we started looking around for inspiration, we quickly noticed that we were being drawn to images that reflect a more simple sense of style.
An understated, organic elegance that doesn't focus on what fills your table,
but rather who fills your table.

So, if your holiday season has started off somewhat stressful, slow down, take a deep breath and remember that no matter what ends up on your table, it's who sits down that makes this season worth all of the time and effort:
Thank you, indeed!

Those feathers make a gorgeous statement on an otherwise white table.

Rustic elements with bright white accents.

Garden and Gun offering up some stellar holiday centerpiece ideas!

Carrots peeping through a vase - a simple and unique idea worth sharing!
Of course, a large and in charge bouquet never hurt either...

Let's end with a little something bold!

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Runway to Room: Grey in the Bedroom

We recently stumbled across this gorgeous runway photo from Ralph Lauren's Fall 2014 collection:

RL has been long respected for its timeless designs and we were so happy to see them playing with one of our very favorite colors - grey!

The collection has loads of fun experimenting with the boundaries that exist between masculine and feminine design, reminding us of one of our latest projects:

While sitting down for our initial consultation, our Uptown Park clients quickly shared their love of the clean, crisp lines one might find in a perfectly tailored suit. We took their vision to heart, creating spaces that feature more masculine furnishings elegantly balanced by soft, glamorous details.
And you can easily see what our go-to color selection happened to be for the master bedroom above -
it's a color that graces most of the walls throughout their gorgeous home:
Grey paint can range from airy and soothing to deep and moody,
but we've discovered that we have a place in our hearts (and our rooms) for just about every hue.
We wish we were able to share more of this specific home with you, but we cannot! 
In an effort to leave you fully inspired, here are a few grey bedrooms that we simply adore:




Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sophisticated Layers: The Well - Edited Design

What the infamous Coco Chanel once said about fashion can undoubtedly be applied to the world of interior design, but what's interesting to note is that although this style icon adhered to the "less is more" mentality, she didn't shy away from layering so long as it was done in good taste.

Whether it's your daily ensemble or your lifelong abode, we are huge fans of a well-edited look.
Just as one single outfit is not required to be a representation of all that makes you special,
neither does one room have to tell every single one of your life stories.

Marie Flanigan Interiors
Getting that well-edited look:
Start with furnishings that boast clean lines and sophisticated finishes.
Begin layering accessories that tell your story.
Stand back and review.
(Walk away for a bit if you have to...)

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan Interiors
As with anything, there are "rules" one can follow, but seeing an example of a particular style often makes more of an impact, so here are a few spaces we adore that do a fabulous job of making less look like much, much more:


This is a great example of displaying a great deal of things without it looking overly cluttered.

Layered items, but it still feels edited and well-cultivated.