Monday, May 3, 2010

The Modern, Eco-Friendly Fireplace

Companies like Planika and Brown Jordan Fires have created modern stylish solutions to the smokeless fireplace. These products offer the perfect combination of decorative furniture, fire, and sustainable design, and we're in love!
As the focal point to any space, these sophisticated fireplaces are true works of art and perfectly safe as they run on a special ethanol based fuel (a renewable and green source of energy) so they produce no smoke or smell, and there are never ashes to clean up once you're done.  
From coffee tables to wall mounted fixtures and portable fire jars, designs come in a wide variety of awesome options:
All of Brown Jordan's collections can be outfitted with eco-friendly bioethanol which allows you to burn indoors or out, and their materials are light, allowing you to move the fire as needed.



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