Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Design Inspiration: Spanish-Inspired Farm House

Marie Flanigan Interiors' next project is a luxury destination vacation home in west Texas! 

Our design inspiration comes from an old Spanish-inspired farm house that features slubby linen, distressed reclaimed wood, worn pasta tile, and more. 

Here are a few images inspiring us right now:

What do you think? Are we on the right track?


Friday, June 24, 2011

Design Inspiration: Lisa Perry's Beach House

Check out this Mod, 60’s-inspired home of Lisa Perry. We are loving the unexpected color and unconventional mix of design elements!  
Veranda Magazine Online
By Rosie D'Argenzio

She may be known best for her A-line circle dresses, but fashion designer Lisa Perry gives us a glimpse of how she incorporates her signature mod look at home.

A Living Room With a Pool
The pool in this room existed when Perry bought the home, but she and the designers decided to make it more accessible—a part of the living room itself. George Nelson Bubble Lights hang at various lengths over a Tucker Robbins table and vintage Saarinen chairs
Modernist Hallway
Perry's affinity for minimal no-fuss design is clear in this modernist hallway. Verner Panton chandeliers softly illuminate the orange custom benches and vintage console.

White and Yellow Living Room
Lisa Perry worked with designers Tony Ingrao and Alexia Kondylis for her beach house located in North Haven, New York. With the renovation they started a new collection of minimalist geometric art and made sure to infuse each space with bright color.

Children's Room
"I wanted the room to feel as if the kids were playing in grass. In this house we also have a yellow room, blue room and red room" says Lisa Perry. The green carpet is from Stark Carpet and geometric painting is by Sydney Wolfson, "Untitled"

60's Inspired Sitting Area
Here Lisa's love of bold color, art and modern design come together. The iconic chair and ottoman by Gaetano Pesci are from his Up series, Mirror Ball lights from Tom Dixon and artwork by Alain Jacquet
See the full article on the Veranda Magazine Website! http://www.veranda.com/room-decorating/lisa-perry-beach-house-mod


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Press: Elle Décor FB!

Marie Flanigan Interiors was featured on the Elle Décor FB Page today! 

Check it out: Elle Decor FB Page


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Home Décor Trends for Under $50

Article By GMA 6.22.11

This morning's edition of Lara's List on "Good Morning America" looked at fun ways to decorate your home with hot new trends that won't break the bank!

The trends are so cool: Color, 60s Palm Beach Fabulous, Shag, Industrial, Map, Chevron, and Owl.

Scatter a few of these items across your home, and feel the difference!

The Trends:

Colors: When the economy is down, color can lift your spirits. Be bold! Add fun prints to neutrals.
Home Goods Big Green Vase, $49.99
Home Goods Hot Fuchsia Throw Pillows, $19.99 (two) … Compared at $36.00
Urban Outfitters Orange Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow, $34.00
Home Goods Orange and Pink Throw Pillow, $34.99

60's Palm Beach Fabulous: Think faux bamboo! These wonderful accents are a bargain.
Home Goods Blue/Green Flowered Throw Pillow, $34.99 (two)
Home Goods Bamboo Pattern Tin Geometric Boxes, $9.99
Home Goods White and Green Bamboo Lamp Shades, $49.99 (two)
Home Goods Yellow Shag Poof, $49.99 (two)
West Elm Shag Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers (two)

Industrial Trend: Metal and wood, vintage or vintage-looking, this modern trend is everywhere.
Home Goods Industrial Lamb Statue
Home Goods Mixed Metal Mirror, $19.99
Black Industrial Table Lamp, $49.99
West Elm Horse Book Ends, $39.00
Urban Outfitters Brass Stencil Decorative Letter, $8.00
Urban Outiftters Color Etched Letter, $14.00

Map: Maps make great decorative elements for any area of your home.
Home Goods Blue Map, $49.99
Urban Outfitters New York City Map Poster, $24.00

Chevron Trend: The chevron print can complement any type of room, adding texture without going too crazy on color.
West Elm Hand-Blocked Chevron Pillow Covers - $36.00 (two)
West Elm 2x3 Chevron Rug - $49.00
Urban Outfitters Rainbow Chevron Throw Pillow - $38.00

Owl Trend: A cute little detail that adds some character to any space.
Urban Outfitters Wooden Owl Frame - $18.00
Urban Outfitters Wooden Owl Wall Hanging, $20.00
Urban Outfitters Owl Candle Holder, $18.00

Click here to go to the "Good Morning America" website.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Product Pick: Maya Romanoff Beadazzled Wallcovering

Luxe. Textural. Divine.
Maya Romanoff's Beadazzled Flexible Glass Bead Wallcovering has officially caught our eye! 
Create drama in any space.
Turn your powder room into a jewelry box! 
The tiny glass beads reflect light at every angle and make this wallcovering the perfect finish for any wall or backsplash. 


Check out all of MR's unique wall coverings at:  Maya Romanoff


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trend: Painted Floors

Painted floors are fabulous for so many reasons and today it's the trend we're loving!
"Painting wood floors is a centuries old tradition that was often employed in Colonial Days when carpets and rugs were luxuries that were simply not available to the average person. Painting the floor allowed for an artistic design element that was not possible in any other way."
Things That Inspire

Thrilling floor pattern featured in Elle Decor!

Here's a great Before & After:

Nate Berkus
Images compiled from Things That Inspire blog and other online resources.
Want to learn how to do it yourself?

Here's a great "how to" video from This Old House:


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Press: Houston House & Home Magazine!

Marie Flanigan Interiors will be highlighted as one of 5 featured interior designers in
Houston House & Home Magazine!
Look for our Historic Heights project in July’s issue!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Design Inspiration: Lords South Beach

When it's hot, there's no better place to be than MIAMI!
We are totally smitten with this Miami-based hotel, Lords South Beach, which was recently featured on Design Sponge!

See Pictures & Read more on Design Sponge:

Interior Design for the Medical Office

Creating Positive Design Distractions for Your Office

By Carrie Rossenfeld

Medical offices can be uncomfortable places for physicians, staff and patients alike. Most practitioners have hectic schedules, their employees often deal with endless demands and simply visiting a doctor can create anxiety or boredom for some people. An office with design elements that distract in a good way can make the experience of being there more pleasant.

“A welcoming physical layout and design of the office space can contribute to a sense of calmness and serenity and can put patients more at ease,” says Erin Sharaf, clinical coordinator and instructor for the physician assistant program at the Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University in Boston.

“Healthcare design research has consistently shown a positive correlation between a well-designed interior space and the overall comfort of patients,” adds Karen Edmundson, furniture sales executive with Business Interiors by Staples.

Some experts believe that medical office design elements can have the effect of speeding the healing and recovery process for patients. “The effective use of furniture and design can help create a healing environment – one that makes patients feel more comfortable and engaged in the medical care process, and may even help promote speedier recovery times,” Edmundson contends.

Which design elements distract?

Many design elements can be enhanced in order to create positive distractions for everyone in your office.

“The sensory, physical and emotional experience is often what impacts people the most, including the odors, sounds, lights and temperature of the environment,” says Carla M. Jaspers, an occupational therapist and master of industrial design in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Consider the following elements when creating a positively distracting office environment:

Nature – Try utilizing natural, earth-friendly materials, plant or water life and other elements inspired by nature such as textured walls or floor tiles, or carpeting with nature-themed designs. These “can elicit memories of sensory experiences within other enjoyable contexts, as we have physical memories of surfaces we experience,” Jaspers notes. Use soothing colors that evoke nature as part of a therapeutic design and sophisticated color palette.

Lighting – Soft, natural lighting is best. Avoid fluorescent and excessive overhead lights as they can be harsh on the eyes and make colors seem starker. “Many patients often note it is easy to lose all concept of time when in a healthcare facility, often due to the lack of cues received from natural light, disturbing sleeping and waking patterns, appetite and potentially resulting in symptoms of depression,” Jaspers explains. “Lighting should be bright enough for a working environment, yet diffused for a warmer effect.”

Sounds – Music that is soothing or features naturally occurring sounds is appropriate when designing a calming space. Instrumental music or soundscapes allow patients time for quiet reflection, meditation or even simple distraction before an appointment. Sound-absorbing elements within the design help keep the environment quiet, preventing patients from hearing outside conversations in adjacent rooms. Also, noise-reduction techniques, including the use of white noise, can help reduce patient stress.

Seating – Reception and exam room seating should be comfortable for all body types, appropriate for your patient demographic, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Seating should also inhibit the growth of bacteria. Seating for staff should be both functional and comfortable, particularly if they are sitting for a good part of the day. Consider arranging seating to create interesting, non-linear spaces, while promoting comfort and privacy for patients and visitors. (See MOT’s story “Choosing the Right Seating for Your Practice”)

Artwork – Calming artwork engages patients and puts them at ease, while humorous artwork is disarming and relaxing. One striking piece of artwork in a space draws the eye in and can distract the viewer from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. (See MOT’s story “What’s on Your Walls?”)

Dramatic elements – Skylights, waterfalls, murals and decorative screens can create positive sensual experiences for everyone in your office and set the mood, as well.

Design elements to avoid:

Keep anxiety-provoking items (medical tools, pictures of procedures, etc.) out of sight, but don’t create an environment that’s either too sterile or overstimulating. “Anything that can be jarring to mind, body or spirit should be eliminated,” Sharaf advises.

“Remember that your office is a place of business, so you want to avoid designing it like your personal living room,” Edmundson warns. She also advises against choosing colors or fabrics that are visually distracting or ill-suited to frequent, high-volume use, as well as items that are too trendy and therefore likely to go out of style.

Remember to re-assess your design elements on a regular basis to determine what’s working as well as what’s no longer working or could be improved in some way. You might also want to seek input from your patients as they can be the best teachers. And finally, enjoy the design process and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

A Pediatric Hospital

Full Article:   http://www.medicalofficetoday.com/content.asp?article=5266