Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: Arcadian Lighting

{The MFI team loves infusing glamour and drama into any home with the use of lighting. Joanna is our guest blogger today and she will share a few of her favorite light fixtures! Enjoy!}
Hello! I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Arcadian Lighting. They are a terrific source for brilliant lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant lights. I enjoy my work immensely as I get to spend my time gathering decorating images and ideas to share with blog readers in guest posts such as this one. I adore glamorous interiors especially those of the Hollywood Regency period. Today, I’ve collected a few of my favorite glam light fixtures to share. Which is your favorite?
Interior Design Living Room Decor
A dazzling crystal pendant hangs above a console and arm chair.
A floor lamp gives the appearance of undulating reeds.
Classic Living Room Interior Design
The twin table lamps in this classic living room are stunning. They appear to be made with acrylic squares fixed upon an acrylic base. I love the tufted tuxedo style sofas.
Interior Design Living Room
A tiny crystal pendant light hangs next to a tufted grey chair.  
The silver floral wallpaper and silver table add an extra touch of glamour.
Dining Room Interior Design
A set of three lights hangs above a table for sixteen.
The modern light fixtures appear to have vases set upon them.

Interior Design Dinner Party

Talk about glamorous!
This wedding table has multiple crystal pendants and chandeliers hung low above a crystal laden table.

Bathroom Interior Design

The wall sconces in this glam bathroom give a waterfall effect which is quite lovely. Stained concrete appears to be used floor to ceiling.

Interior Design Dining Room

An unusual brass fixture casts a pretty glow upon the ceiling of this eclectic dining room. The light is also reflected back into the room by mirrored walls.

Interior Design Bathroom Vanity Decor

Brilliant sconces hang above a mirrored vanity in this glamorous bathroom. The ceiling fixture is a perfect match to the other fixtures in the room.

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All these glamorous spaces have me craving a room makeover! Which room in your house do you think needs some updating? Comment below and make sure to check out our newest selection of lights at Arcadian Lighting.