Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell, 2012!

Houston Interior Designers

Farewell, 2012!

It was a year full of beauty and growth for Marie Flanigan Interiors, and we are grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey.

Cheers to '13!

May it bring elegance, light, and joy to your lives.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trend: Emerald Green

We're Off to Emerald City!

Pantone is at it again! Their 2013 Color of the Year has been dictated and we are thrilled with the selection:

"Lively. Radiant. Lush...A color of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony"
Swayze White, MFI Showroom Manager, couldn't agree more:
"I love emerald green! Not only is green the color of thriving nature AND money, but emerald green is a rich shade of the color that is much more luxiurius and bold. Emerald can look playful paired with bright colors, but can also coordinate nicely with black and gold. Need I go on?"

Check out Rachel's fave spaces where emerald green goes grand:

I don't think we're in neutral colors anymore, Toto!

The perfect example of using a bright color throughout a space to create the greatest impact!

A gorgeous and graphic use of emerald green in a rug from one of our favorite vendors, Madison Lily.
These gorgeous dining chairs create quite a statement when paired with a super unique chandelier (Atlantis Home)
Verandah gets it right again!
A neutral palette of warm greys, creamy whites, zinc and stone combine perfectly with
bold emerald green drapery, creating a truly stunning place to dine.

So, whether you like it a lot:

Elle Decor

or just a little:

Charm Home Design

...find somewhere to use emerald green, my pretty, or we'll get you and that drab little throw pillow too!

Stay green,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Design Inspiration: Holiday Decor

Flashing Lights & Cheery Sights
With Christmas just weeks away, it's time to don your elf gear and decorate! If you're concerned that your holiday decorating excursion will end like so...

then take a look at these dashing holiday spaces for inspiration. Of course, if you're still stumped, you can always put out a request for a very sweet and helpful Christmas Elf on CraigsList. We hear they have everything!

This beautiful all-white tree has pops of chartreuse creating a subtle but sparkly theme. (The Enchanted Home)

Loving Veranda's tree casually decorated with Tiffany Blue. Keeping holiday decor festive but not overdone is everyone's biggest challenge! (Veranda Magazine)
Incorporate your natural surroundings into your holiday decor whenever possible. This coastal home gets into the spirit with the unique use of starfish! (Coastal Living)
On to the use of wreaths: traditional, elegant and beautifully understated. They evoke the cheery spirit of the season and there are some beautiful ways to "think outside the box" (or circle):
We absolutely love this minimalist boxwood wreath in lieu of the traditional pine. A classic gets modernized! See one just like it on the MFI office doorstep. (Source Unknown)
Wreaths done right indoors! Better Homes and Gardens keeps it simple with a fun and glittery ribbon accent.
We all know Martha can do no wrong! When paired with coordinating topiary and garland, the elegant moss wreath adds the perfect contrast to this home's all-white doorstep. Learn how to make it here: Cushion Moss Wreath  

Lest we forget about our lovely friend garland...
It's fairly inexpensive, brings natural elements into your home decor and can serve as the perfect accent to your most distinctive entertaining spaces. (Southern Accents)
Greige Design highlights this stunning kitchen with the use of a very clean garland. It keeps the space looking fresh and effortless.
Magnolia leaves introduce the unexpected in this bannister garland featured by At Home in Arkansas. How lovely and unique! 
Pine cones fill this garland, making it perfect for the earthy and textural space. Just another reminder to head outside and accent your decor. No pine cones? Try leaves, flowers, berries or feathers commonly found in your area. (Veranda Magazine)

One final, festive idea: use the holiday cards you receive in the mail as pieces of your decor!
Better Homes and Gardens offers up some great ideas!
We know, we know, you just realized you haven't ordered your cards yet! Check out Katie & Co. if you're in the Houston area. Katie and Michael will make your life easy and your holidays bright.
PS-You can get some shopping done while you're there. Super cute stuff and most items can be personalized. Santa will thank you for the help!
Last but not at all least, don't forget your furry little friends this holiday season! Make sure to keep them festive and warm :)  
Happy Decorating,