Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Interior Design Trends

Trends pop up everywhere! From apparel, shoes and handbags to restaurants, architecture, and literature, it seems like you need a personal assistant just to keep up.

The worst part? By the time you jump on board, that oh-so-awesome trend may be a thing of the past.

Interior design trends can work in a similar way and nobody wants to invest in an expensive home makeover that they regret a few years down the road.

With that in mind, here are the latest design trends that have the MFI team swooning, and we can guarantee they'll give ole' Father Time a run for his money...

Layering Patterns
When your goal is to create a home that's lavish, multifaceted, and luxurious, it's time to get creative!

Allowing complementary colors and shapes to play together in a variety of ways lends a unique personality to your home.


Love the carefree feeling of a floral pattern but also smitten with the structure of a geometric shape? Marry the two via color and scale! 
Of course this is Tory Burch's home! Jealous much?
MMR Interiors via House Beautiful
Friends don't let friends lead a one-dimensional life! No worries about that here.
Source Unknown
A great guide as you begin your journey to the land of layered patterns!
Making It Lovely

Mixing Metals
Gone are the days when brass and chrome were the only hardware finishes available for your home - thank goodness! A beautiful assortment of metals are being offered including chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze, hand-rubbed antique brass, and iron.

Loving this mixture of gold sconces and gold mirror with a silver faucet and vase.
Lee Ann Thornton

Don't feel cornered by a metal finish; use it as a starting point. Note the metal's undertone and do your best to keep that consistent. At times, even that rule can go out the window; have fun!
Traditional Home

Source Unknown

Home Bunch

Upholstered Doors and Ceilings
Doors and ceilings so often get left behind when designing a home. No longer! Adding upholstery to a door or ceiling is a bold design move reserved for the most daring clients.

When installed properly, this trend provides additional texture and sound absorption to a space while making a very grand statement.

Sisley's Christina D'Ornano's home.
Joanna Henderson Photography.

This is a great design element to consider for a dining room or bedroom!

Inspired Design

John Saldino

Impressive entry for this gorgeous bathroom!
Julie Dodson
Loving these padded and upholstered closet doors!
Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe

Bold WallsWe all know wallpaper was a go-to design resource in the 90s, but with its overuse, misuse, and heavy layering, it was a design element that did not withstand the test of time...sort of.

Wallpaper is back in full force but it seems to be operating under a different guise. No more wallpaper layered upon wallpaper, no more dark and dated patterns; simply put, no more 90s!

Modern wallpaper can transform your home's walls with clean, fresh designs, subtle patterns, and even funky metallics. Hand painted and mural-esque wall coverings can even function as beautiful works of art - bold has never looked so good!

Burnham Design

Source Unknown
ML Interiors

Love a wallpaper but not ready to commit it to four walls?
Apply the covering to your ceiling instead for a fun and unique flair you can call your own.

Bear Hill Interiors

Featured in Traditional Home.
Designed by Melissa Warner of Massucco Warner Miller

Mary McDonald


Blending the Old and the New
Think Grandma's sofa can't possibly live in a room with your favorite Lucite chair? Think again! We are happy to announce that you are no longer expected to buy furniture as a matching set; this goes for both the finish and the style!
A modern coffee table with Lucite chairs can easily be accented with an antique crystal chandelier. Not in love with such an eclectic mix? You will often find that vintage pieces are dying to be refinished in an effort to live up to their more contemporary counterparts.
House and Home

Your vintage furnishings love your more contemporary pieces!
All you have to do is pair them in a sensational way like the Vogue feature below.
That's easy enough, right? ;)


Vincente Wolf

Relax House

Source Unknown

Little Green Notebook

We all know that finding an exquisitely-crafted piece of furniture with classic lines is much more difficult to do than procuring the modern finishes needed to update the piece. Consider updating antiquated sofas and chairs with more modern fabrics (above), or add a fun and fresh lacquer to furniture that has lost that loving feeling.

Little Green Notebook / My Scandinavian Home

Most importantly, new or old, mixed metals or not, bold wallcoverings or neutral paint, frisky patterns or subtle linens, always allow your space to tell your story because, honestly, who doesn't love a good story?


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Giveaway Update!

Check out how our winner, Lyndsey Zorich, so elegantly displayed the gold quatrefoil lamp she won in the MFI Giveaway!

We absolutely love her style...what do YOU love about this?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Project Highlight: Before and After for Lakeside Living

A beautiful couple in the Seabrook area contacted the MFI team requesting an update to their lakeside home. Our designers set out to create spaces filled with the peace and tranquility one might find in a spa.

The entire project consisted of a master suite and two guest suites. We featured the master suite in a previous blog for your reading pleasure: Waterside Master Bedroom.

We thought you may enjoy seeing a few before and after photos of the master bath adjoined to this updated room along with some photos of two guest suite transformations.


Master Bath & Closet BEFORE:

Master spa tub BEFORE
Master bath vanity BEFORE

Master closet BEFORE


Master Bath & Closet AFTER:

Soothing neutral tones set the tone and soft grey London shades frame the newly installed air tub.
Our designers created the impression of increased square footage by opening up the shower, lowering the bath tub, and modifying the vanity.

The vanity is transformed!

Who doesn't love a fresh and elegant closet?

This crisp look was achieved by enclosing the variety of storage solutions behind paneled antique mirrors and adding a pewter chandelier that fills the room with beauty and light. The addition of a tufted linen ottoman and an ultra-plush area rug complete the sophisticated closet space. 

Of course, if you’re going to live in luxury, you want your guests to be pampered as well. Our team designed two remarkable guest quarters for this home and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Lakeside Guest Suite BEFORE:

Lakeside Guest Suite BEFORE
Lakeside Guest Suite BEFORE

Lakeside Guest Suite AFTER:

The view from this room served as natural inspiration for our team’s design. A neutral palette accented with crisp blue hues evokes the timeless and casual elegance one finds in the perfect vacation home.
Guests are welcome to get cozy with this striped pique cotton coverlet and coordinating custom drapery.

Antique weathered dresser adds unique charm and increased storage.
You can see the entrance to this space in the dresser photo above.
A large storage closet was converted into a large sitting area through the addition of a window and paneled walls. Comfortable window seating creates a relaxing space to enjoy the lakefront view 

We love how the graphic print accent pillows add a touch of bold to the otherwise neutral space.
Also note the fun use of mixed metals in this room - feel free to mix things up a bit in 2013. Not sure how? Contact us!


Streetside Guest Suite BEFORE:



Streetside Guest Suite AFTER:

Following the master bedroom's lead, this clean, calming suite suggests to any guest that they are welcome to kick up their feet and unwind.

Organic bed linens and stylish lighting.

A great demonstration of how drapery can do a remarkable job of exhibiting a graphic pattern in a subtle and tasteful way.

Tri-colored limestone mosaic flooring and travertine countertops.
Check out that fab chandelier!

Statement making bronze sink with embossed botanical detail.
We are thrilled about the transformation that took place throughout this project! Our goal was to create an enchanting hideaway where our clients and their loved ones can comfortably live, relax, slumber, and entertain in grand luxury. Mission complete.