Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trend Alert: Tenting

We love this modern take on a tented room brought to you by Ando Studio via Creative Fluff!

Tenting has been around for ages, but we are seeing this trend pop up again in all sorts of places.
For a solid history on tenting, visit Lynne Byrn's NOW and THEN post here.

Long story short?
Tenting originates in the Empire Period and serves as a "dramatic design statement" for just about any space!

Check out these tented spaces and let us know - YAY or NAY?
Tenting can make any space feel as if it's worlds away...
Tented room by designer Madeleine Castaing
via Décor Arts Now
Creating a more interesting look  in a small, simple space.
The tenting effect can also be achieved using paint!
Mary McDonald
via Décor Arts Now

Dressing Room, Shangri-La Hawaii
via Décor Arts Now

Tenting in an English country house.
UK House and Garden

via Pinterest
Painted tenting in a home gym.
Via Pinterest
Juan Pablo Molyneaux
You will often notice tenting in restaurants.
Chamberlain Hotel in Los Angeles via Décor Arts Now

An interesting fabric choice for tenting.
New England Home
A black and white tea party under "the big tent"!

Serene and spa-like!
via Pinterest
Painted circus tent
via Grosgrain Fabulous
Tenting can be a gorgeous addition to a nursery.
via Pinterest
Here the painted walls and ceiling do the talking!
via Katie Did
Great color combination.
via DPages
Structured tenting looks amazing in this play room!
Things That Inspire

A masculine take on tenting.
via Pinterest


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