Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Must-Haves: Powder Room Remodel

The powder room is usually one of the smallest spaces in a home,
making it both a fun and easy room to play with!

Keep in mind that with limited space, material and labor costs should remain low so let your creative brain run free - feel free to try something new and change things up often.
Regardless of what colors, textures, or patterns you're considering, these are the top 5 things you should update if you're planning to give your powder room an overhaul:
1. Wallcovering or a Fresh Coat of Paint: Powder rooms see lots of wallpaper! Why? Because wallpaper is an exciting way to create interest and drama. Most people are willing to experiment in a smaller space, and they should. This is a space that all of your guests will likely see - think of creative ways to make the space special.

A Briargrove client's powder bath off of the living room.
Marie Flanigan Interiors
2.  Mirrors: Don't get stuck in a rut with a basic, square, traditional restroom mirror. Consider using an antique mirror or one that's oddly shaped and/or sized. People spend a lot of time looking at this piece so it's worth investing in one that makes a statement.

3. Lighting: If you're taking your bathroom from a more traditional look to something more modern or preppy, consider changing out the lighting to suit. The options here are limitless and you can decide between wall sconces or a chandelier. We typically suggest having a sconce in a powder bath as it's more helpful for your guests as they wash up and check their lipstick, but the right chandelier can achieve the same effect!

A fun and funky chandelier!
Marie Flanigan Interiors

4. Vanity: Your vanity does a huge job of setting the tone in a powder bath. It can immediately signify whether the space is rustic, modern, or highly traditional. Get creative - the vanity on the concept board above is a vintage steel dresser that has been converted into a bathroom vanity (it can now easily fit plumbing for a sink).
A new basin to come, but this wooden vanity is gorgeous!
Marie Flanigan Interiors

5. Personalized Hand Towels: Hand towels are a staple in any powder bath, and they are another fun detail that can be changed out quickly and easily. Now, your towels don't have to include your family's monogram or crest, but we're from the South so we highly suggest that they do! :) Keep in mind that you can also purchase paper napkins/towels for special events if one towel just isn't going to cut it.
Hopefully this got you in the mood to update!
While you're brainstorming, feel free to get inspired by a few of these gorgeous powder rooms:


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